Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe and guest claim that January 6 prosecutions are an effort to silence “dissent” over the 2020 election

Julie Kelly of American Greatness says it’s “encouraging” that Republican voters still don’t believe the 2020 election

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe and guest claim that January 6 prosecutions are an effort to silence “dissent” over the 2020 election

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Citation From the October 20, 2021, edition of iHeart Radio’s The Truth with Lisa Boothe podcast

JULIE KELLY (SENIOR CONTRIBUTOR, AMERICAN GREATNESS): But I'll say, Lisa, what's encouraging is that you have not seen the numbers move on the Republican side, as far as voters who do not think that Joe Biden was fairly elected in 2020. If anything, Lisa, I think how they're weaponizing January 6, both in the investigation and then on Capitol Hill with the select committee, I think it raises people's suspicions even more — that why are they fighting this so hard? Why are they using this to silence political dissent? What are they trying to hide and cover up?

And so you still have the overwhelming majority of Republicans, in every poll, who say they don't think that Joe Biden legitimately won the election in 2020, and that you could see is very frustrating to the Democrats. I'm even hearing this from the federal bench as they're sentencing people. These judges are still mad that there's so many people who doubt what happened in 2020, and that's part of the punishment that they're rendering to some of these defendants, too. 

LISA BOOTHE (HOST): Well, yeah, I mean, if everything was on the up-and-up why would there be just such complete and utter censorship of any people, you know, raising contradictory opinions? Or even the treatment of the individuals involved in January 6 certainly raises a whole host of questions about why they would go to these lengths if there’s nothing to see or nothing to be concerned about.

Julie Kelly is a senior contributor to pro-Trump website American Greatness who has called D.C. police officer Michael Fanone a “crisis actor” after he had testified to the January 6 Select Committee that he had suffered a heart attack when the mob of Trump supporters had attacked him with a stun gun. On July 8, she appeared with Fox News host Tucker Carlson and accused Capitol Police of “attacking peaceful protesters outside the Capitol” on January 6. And on the July 13 edition of Laura Ingraham's show, Kelly decried a “terror campaign” being waged against people charged with the attack.

Lisa Boothe is a Fox News contributor and podcast host. Earlier this year, she hosted an interview with Donald Trump in which the former president continued to spread lies about the 2020 election.