Frequent Fox News guest calls officer testifying to January 6 commission a crisis actor

The January 6 select committee finally got underway, and just moments into the first testimony, a frequent Fox News guest claimed that Metropolitan police officer Michael Fanone is a crisis actor.

Fanone was one of the first people to testify, and he emphasized the danger he and his colleagues faced that day:

In response, frequent Fox News guest Julie Kelly called Fanone a crisis actor.

Julie Kelly / Fanone / Crisis Actor

Kelly is a senior contributor to pro-Trump website American Greatness. Per Media Matters' internal database, she has been on weekday Fox News programming at least 14 times since the attack, including 10 appearances on Tucker Carlson's show, frequently commenting about January 6.

Just days ago, on July 21, Kelly told Carlson that the FBI was likely behind the January 6 attack.

On the July 13 edition of Laura Ingraham's show, Kelly decried a “terror campaign" being waged against people charged with the attack.

On July 8, she told Carlson that people charged in the Capitol attack were political prisoners.

On the June 13 edition of Fox News' weekend show Life, Liberty & Levin, Fox host Mark Levin declared that Kelly should win a Pulitzer for her writing at American Greatness about the people charged in the Capitol attack.

On May 20, Carlson talked with Kelly about charges to the attackers and praised her for doing the “best reporting" on it.

On February 22, Kelly told Carlson that January 6 prosecutions were “political" and denied that any attackers were armed — a claim that Fanone specifically debunked during the hearing.