Infowars host Owen Shroyer: “Obama basically has a rope destined for his neck”

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Citation From the August 11, 2020, edition of Infowars’ War Room

OWEN SHROYER (INFOWARS HOST): You know that Obama guy who said, “I’d never be president,” you know the media that said he was a scandal-free president? I’m going to put all of you in your place. Obama, you’re going to Gitmo for treason and all the media, oh, how’s that scandal-free president that you supported?

But, see, then I get to another level of it when I can get to Trump’s level of it and I realize something. Trump loves America so much and he’s such a natural-born leader, he really is taking all the slings and arrows and letting them destroy him because he loves America that much. He’s literally letting the media destroy him and he’s not even fighting back, because he realizes that fighting back against these people and exposing them for who they really are, the evil demons that they really are, would actually hurt America, and so he doesn’t do it. He doesn’t do it. That’s not even trying to build Trump up with some nobility, it’s just true folks. He doesn’t lay into Obama for the treason because he knows it would hurt America. He doesn’t lay out the media for all the scams and deceptions they’ve run because he knows that would hurt America. 

Now he obviously takes his jabs and produces his sound bites, but he doesn’t slay them, he doesn’t filet them, he doesn’t gash and nash them because he realizes it would hurt America. Now in the end I hope that justice is done, but I think that the president is trying to weigh it between justice being done and America surviving it. Folks, if it comes out about all the child rape and sacrifice that political leaders and Hollywood and these people have engaged in, if it really all comes out, which it needs to -- but if it doesn’t come out in the right way, it’s not going to be good. It’s going to tear apart the fabric of our society worse than it already has. Now the COVID thing is probably as bad as it gets, but -- and I still think they may produce some deepfake of Trump engaged in a sexual act or worse and that may be when Trump has to take the gloves off. But that’s the territory we’re in right now. They’ve got Obama dead to rights committing treason. I mean that’s punishable by hanging. I mean, Obama basically has a rope destined for his neck. And so, is he going to cooperate with an investigation?