Infowars host Owen Shroyer on 2020 election outcomes: “Historically speaking, this type of evil, this type of corruption has never been absolved peacefully”

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Citation From the May 20, 2021, edition of Infowars’ The Alex Jones Show

OWEN SHROYER (GUEST HOST): I mean seriously, like, this country’s a joke, man. This country’s a joke, these people are a joke. But you know ultimately what it is? Ultimately -- you know what? I mean, this is real existential stuff, but really ultimately what it is is that nobody wants to die. And you say, “What? What are you talking about?” Well, folks, we know that if we really wanted to overturn this stuff, we’d have to have a physical hot war. Anybody who’s thought this out has probably at some point reached that conclusion. Doesn’t even matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on. The left has already figured that out. That’s why they’re burning cities to the ground. That’s why they’re burning churches to the ground. That’s why they’re attacking police officers. Because the left has figured that out too, they’re just actually implementing the violence, and it’s being promoted by the media, promoted by the politicians so the people on the streets feel like they’re in the right to do it. 

But historically speaking, this type of evil, this type of corruption has never been absolved peacefully. Never’s happened. So -- and that’s the thing. And it’s weird too because we have all these great members of the military and all these great veterans that signed up to go overseas and fight, but because the military-industrial complex aims them in certain directions, we don’t even use our own military to protect our own country anymore. 

And so you have more evidence of voter fraud and election theft in Pennsylvania. Election officials in Pennsylvania blame coding error with Dominion voting machines for flaws with Republican votes in primary this week. So they just openly steal our elections, they openly bring in medical tyranny, the openly sabotage and collapse our economy, they openly say that you, the American patriot, are now a terrorist on the level of a 9/11 plane hijacker. And we just sit here and take it because we’ve had it so good, and we've still got plenty of food, and we can still start our cars, some of us, and we can still, you know, afford energy. But these are dwindlings. But so that’s what it is. The reason why we haven’t really overthrown this is because, historically speaking, it has to be done physically, nobody wants to go to that level. Most people wont even be intellectually honest about any of this. Most people won’t even be intellectually honest about any of this to themselves, or to their friends, or to their audience. But that’s why this is such a paradox here. Everybody knows how corrupt Washington, D.C., is, everybody knows how criminal and bad it is, but we got it so good here, so we’re not ready to lose everything yet.