Infowars host Owen Shroyer: “We should have been proud of what happened on January 6” during the Capitol insurrection

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Citation From the May 17, 2021, edition of Infowars’ The Alex Jones Show

OWEN SHROYER (GUEST HOST): I realized something too about January 6. And you know what? We’re all such good people, we’re almost too good, quite frankly. We’re too nice. We’re too tolerant. Because even after January -- I mean Trump is guilty of this too. Trump threw us under the bus on January 6, he’s kind of backtracked from it now. But, I mean he’s like, “Oh, it’s bad, it’s horrible, they’re criminals, arrest them all.” 

Yeah, January 6 got a little bit out of control. There was some violence against the police. There was a little bit of violence there at the building too. Property damage. Not in denial of that. But in comparison to what we saw from the Democrats when they riot? It’s like a mouse that roared compared to a whole stampede of elephants and rhinos and gorillas. And we’re like a little mouse over here that’s like [mouse squeak]. It’s like, “Look at that mouse!” Just stampeding elephants, and like woolly mammoths too. You’re like, “What the hell?” It’s like, “Oh, but there's a mouse over there.” No, we should have rejected their narrative of January 6, and quite frankly, at a certain level, we should have been proud of it. We should have been proud of what happened on January 6, but they stole that from us.

So, I'm digressing here. The point is we're too tolerant of these people. We're too tolerant of the Anthony Faucis. We're too tolerant of the Bill Gates. We're too tolerant of the Bidens. We're too tolerant to the liberal media. Maybe that's a good thing -- maybe it's a good thing we're not in the wild, wild west anymore. Maybe it's a good thing we're not in 1776 and people aren't being faced with actual violent wars in their backyard. Maybe that's a bad thing because it's eventually going to lead to our enslavement.