Infowars-endorsed GOP House nominee Joe Kent frequently appears on Alex Jones’ network for campaign help

Republican House nominee Joe Kent has made at least seven appearances on Alex Jones’ Infowars network, where he fundraises for his campaign and has been told that “we love you.” Kent is allying with a far-right outlet that has profited from pushing toxic conspiracy theories, including the lie that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a “hoax.” 

Kent is running for Congress in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District. He regularly appears on right-wing outlets that push conspiracy theories, including about the 2020 vote being stolen. Kent himself is an election denier. He has also appeared on the pro-QAnon Patriots’ Soapbox network. Several media outlets have reported on Kent’s ties to extremists, including white nationalists and the violent Proud Boys group.

Jones heads Infowars, which broadcasts his show and several others. Jones and his associates have forwarded toxic conspiracy theories about a variety of topics, including calling the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting “fake, “staged,” and a “giant hoax.” Jones’ lies about the Sandy Hook tragedy have resulted in him being successfully sued by the victims’ parents in two trials for over $1 billion in combined damages. Jones has also pushed violent rhetoric against his perceived enemies.

Despite Infowars’ history, Kent has appeared on Infowars programming at least seven times since 2021: On The American Journal with host Harrison Smith on November 4, January 24, October 7, 2021, and June 18, 2021; and on War Room with Owen Shroyer on October 29, 2021; May 28, 2021; April 29, 2021. (Shroyer made despicable claims about a Sandy Hook victim’s family and is also facing charges related to the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.) 

Kent’s appearances on Infowars programming is a two-way street because the Republican-backed candidate also helps Jones earn revenue. For instance, Kent’s interviews are followed by promotions for Infowars’ store, which is how the network primarily makes money. Text promoting Infowars’ store has appeared as he was interviewed. And the video page for Kent’s appearance also features Infowars advertising. page for Joe Kent with Alex Jones advertising

Kent has defended Jones on Infowars. During a conspiracy theory-laden appearance in January, Kent complained: “The entire narrative about January 6 has been a lie from the start. … Like you said, the January 6 committee is attempting to be its own little kangaroo court. They're going after people like Alex Jones, they're going after Steve Bannon, people who were very public in just exercising their First Amendment rights on that day.”

Infowars hosts Smith and Shroyer have repeatedly encouraged viewers to support Kent: 

  • On November 4, Smith told viewers: “Everybody needs to get out and vote. This can make a huge difference. If Joe Kit – Joe Kent gets in, then we get a little bit more of a majority in Congress. We can do a little bit more. We can change the way things are going.” He added: “Hopefully next time we talk to each other, it'll be from your office in Washington, D.C.” 

  • On October 29, 2021, Shroyer told him: “Well, Joe, I say this for myself, I say this for my crew, and I think I say this for America. We love you, Godspeed, and we're going to be praying hard that you can get into Congress and help save this country. Joe, thank you so much.” 

  • On April 29, 2021, Kent asked Infowars’ audience for donations. After the interview concluded, Shroyer told viewers: “We’ve got to push these individuals over the finish line. And if you get one Joe Kent in Congress, you get two? I mean, again, just look at how positive Lauren Boebert has been, just one individual getting over the finish line. Look at Marjorie Taylor Greene, I mean, look at how great she's been. We need 10 of them. We need 10 Joe Kents, 20 of them. We can take Congress back. Hopefully take America back from the clutches of the globalists.” 

Kent’s embrace of Infowars is part of a disturbing Republican strategy of embracing Jones and his platform. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has repeatedly appeared on Jones’ program, and right-wing hosts Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson, Charlie Kirk, and Jack Posobiec are Jones supporters. Turning Point USA, one of the country’s leading pro-GOP organizations, has also hosted Jones. And most importantly, Donald Trump has endorsed Jones as a trusted ally.