Pro-Trump Alex Jones Threatens Violence Against Supporters Of “Inhuman, Parasitical Maggot,” “Hitler” Bernie Sanders

Conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones, who is being courted by Donald Trump's presidential campaign, is smearing Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as “a dangerous, evil,” man comparable to Hitler and Lenin, and falsely claiming he wants to put people in “forced relocation” camps. Jones has also launched unhinged attacks against “stupid” and “self-propelled trash” Sanders supporters, suggesting they need to have their “jaws broken” and their “moron heads” slapped.

Trump-Boosting Alex Jones Is America's Leading Conspiracy Theorist

Jones Believes The Government Was Behind 9-11 And Other Catastrophes. Jones is the host of The Alex Jones Show and proprietor of the conspiracy website He believes the government was behind the 9/11 attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, and the mass shootings in San Bernardino, Aurora, Newtown, and Tucson (among others). Jones ultimately believes that a cabal of secretive global elites is working behind the scenes to, in the words of one of his films, “exterminate 80% of the world's population, while enabling the 'elites' to live forever with the aid of advanced technology.” [Media Matters2/10/16]

Trump Has Appeared On Jones' Program And His Campaign Is Courting Him And His Audience. Jones has repeatedly promoted Donald Trump's presidential campaign, stating that “we have to defend him because the ideas he's putting out in general are very good.” A reporter for Jones' Infowars joined Trump adviser Stephen Miller in trying to get out the vote for Trump before the New Hampshire primary. Trump, who appeared on Jones' program and praised the host as having an “amazing” reputation, is the only current presidential candidate who engages with Jones and his fringe ideology. [Media Matters2/10/16]

Jones' Unhinged Smears Against Sanders: “Hitler,” “Evil,” “Forced Relocation Camp”

Jones: Sanders Supporters Are Like People Who “Want To Elect Hitler.” Jones compared supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders -- the first Jewish candidate to ever win a presidential primary state -- to people who backed Adolf Hitler, ranting: “This is the most gang mentality, dumbed-down, it's like, 'We want to elect Hitler, he says he'll invade France and give us free stuff.'” [The Hill2/9/16; Right Wing Watch, 2/5/16]

Jones On Why He's Speaking Out Against Sanders: “We're Trying To Stop A Civil War” And Sanders' Socialism Is A Threat To Jones' Family. [Genesis Communications Network, The Alex Jones Show2/10/16]

Jones Compares “Creature Bernie Sanders” To Someone Who Delivers “Free Goodies” In “Black Uniforms And Their Shiny Boots And Their Submachine Guns” To Enslave People. [Genesis Communications Network, The Alex Jones Show2/10/16]

Jones: Sanders Is “The Second Coming Of V.I. Lenin. He's A Dangerous, Evil, Evil Man.” Jones claimed that Sanders is “the second coming of V.I. Lenin. He's a dangerous, evil, evil man ... he's a piece of filth. And he knows exactly what he's doing preying on you and your family.” [Genesis Communications Network, The Alex Jones Show2/5/16]

Jones: “Piece Of Crap” Sanders Is A “Hardcore Commie Who Wants To Put Me In A Forced Relocation Camp Like Mao Zedong.” [Right Wing Watch, 2/1/16]

Jones On Sanders Supporters: “Fat,” “Stupid,” “Trash.” Jones attacked Sanders supporters, stating: “They're fat, they're stupid, they're soft, they're welfare-heads, they're government workers, they are piles of self-propelled trash who are so stupid and they've grown up in the bosom of freedom and they don't appreciate any of it and they don't know that communism is slavery. And it makes me want to throw up, how dumb you are.” [, 2/1/16

Jones On Sanders: “What A Disgusting Human Being.” [Genesis Communications Network, The Alex Jones Show10/21/15]

Jones: “Gosh, I Hate Bernie Sanders, That Guy Knows He's Evil.” Jones continued that Sanders' supporters are “so stupid looking” and are “helpless jackasses” who have destroyed America. [Genesis Communications Network, The Alex Jones Show10/12/15]

Jones: “Sanders Is As Dumb As A Pile Of Steaming Dog Crap.” Jones also attacked “moron followers” of Sanders, saying they “have lower IQs than drying paint” and “they can go to hell.” [Genesis Communications Network, The Alex Jones Show8/11/15]

Jones Threatens Violence Against Sanders Supporters

Jones Suggested Sanders Supporters “Need To Have Your Jaws Broken.” Jones addressed supporters of Sanders by stating, “You need to have your jaws broken.” He attacked Sanders supporters as “pathetic scum” who think they're “sexy with their hammer and sickle on.” Jones added they'll eventually “burn in the camps later wishing [they'd] done something.” [Genesis Communications Network, The Alex Jones Show2/5/16, via Right Wing Watch]

Following Criticism, Jones Says He Was Just Speaking “Figuratively” When He Said It'd Be Great To See “Jaws Broken.” Following criticism about his violent rhetoric, Jones claimed that when he said it'd be great to see Sanders supporters' jaws broken, he was speaking “figuratively.” Jones added, “I don't apologize overall, but I apologize for the fact that I don't realize what enemies these people are and that I say things in a literary fashion that they take out of context.” [Genesis Communications Network, The Alex Jones Show2/10/16]

Jones Claims He Doesn't Want Sanders To “Be Hurt” Because It Would Turn Him “Into A Martyr.” Jones purported to clarify that he wishes “not a hair on that sack of crap's head ever be hurt to turn that inhuman, parasitical maggot into a patriot, into a martyr. No, no, no.” [Genesis Communications Network, The Alex Jones Show2/10/16]

Jones To Sanders Supporters: “I Will Slap You Upside Your Moron Heads Until You Wake Up.” During a screed about the purported ignorance of “idiots” who support Sanders supporters, Jones said, “I will slap you upside your moron heads until you wake up to this. You will wake up about communism, you will grow up, you will find out why Bill Gates and Bernie Sanders support it, and Warren Buffet, and every other piece of trash, globalist parasite, trillionaire raping of the world.” [, 2/1/16