Alex Jones calls for Pfizer executives to be hanged

Jones: “They all need to swing from an end of a rope if we've got any future.”

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Citation From the October 12, 2022, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (HOST): They're now saying, “Well, we told you from the beginning it wasn't going to work." No, no, no, no, no. You said from the beginning you didn't know if it would work, but you lied and censored anybody that pointed it out and told everybody 96% effective, 84% effective, 72% effective, 67% effective, 51% effective, 44% effective. And now they go, “Well actually it makes you get COVID and makes you sick and give you an eight times chance of dying." They knew that day one and they're trying to play games. If you're gonna bioattack people with a virus and then the vaccine that's even worse that's not a vaccine, you've got to have a story of how you messed up. 

And here's the key, key two. They intended — and it's in the SPARS 2025-2028 document war game — they intended this to break the social contract and make everyone hate the government and cause civil war worldwide. But if people know it's a master plan to create the civil war, we don't blow up our government, we don't burn things down, we politically take control and then prosecute and then execute the war criminals. After they've had a trial, after they've been given appeals, everything, but, yes, obviously the people who launched these bioattacks need to be arrested, need to be tried, and need to be executed. My God. If there's a death penalty out there, it's for these people.

As an example to other criminals like them. You want to kill tens of millions of us? You want to maim billions of people? We're going to hang your ass on international television. They'll be 7 billion viewers when you're swinging at the end of a rope. And, yes, I'm saying it: They need to be executed. But nobody should bomb them, nobody should shoot them. In fact, they'll probably do it to themselves to play victim. We take our governments back. We indict them. We arrest them. We try them. And then we hang their asses.

Now. Yeah, gloves are off folks. So, they all need to swing from an end of a rope if we've got any future. They hit us with a bioweapon. They killed members of my family. They almost killed some of my best friends. I've had all sorts of crap in my life. Let me tell you, this is a bioweapon. I was gulping for air for two weeks. I couldn't breathe. I still did the show. I said screw it.

But the point is I just walked through all that. You understand? And I'm gonna come back in the longer segment and I'm going to play you a compilation of these murdering, new world order criminals. These murdering, new world order criminals telling you two years ago and a year ago, “This thing is 100% effective. If you take this, you will be protected," when they knew damn well it wouldn't protect you and in the fine print they said it.