Fox’s Outkick hires Curt Schilling, a QAnon and Parkland shooting conspiracy theorist

The failed video games company owner has also attacked the Murdochs on Twitter

Fox Corp.’s sports property Outkick has hired Curt Schilling as a host. Schilling is a QAnon believer who has also promoted conspiracy theories about the Parkland, Florida, and Sandy Hook, Connecticut, mass shootings and shared posts attacking Muslims and trans individuals.

Schilling is a former baseball pitcher and legendarily unsuccessful businessman. He has been a political and sports commentator and has had stints at ESPN and Breitbart News. 

Outkick announced this week that it has hired Schilling to host The Curt Schilling Baseball Show. The site describes itself: “Questioning the consensus and exposing the destructive nature of 'woke' activism, OutKick is the antidote to the mainstream sports media that often serves an elite, left-leaning minority instead of the American sports fan.”

Right-wing conspiracy theorist and sexist commentator Clay Travis founded the site. Outkick also features Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren. Fox Corp., which owns Fox News, bought the site in 2021. Schilling appeared on the February 22 edition of Fox & Friends, where he was introduced by co-host Brian Kilmeade as “the latest superstar talent to join Outkick … welcome aboard.” 

Schilling has expressed his dislike for the family that runs Fox, the Murdochs, claiming that “the Murdoch sons are HARD CORE Hollywood liberals” and calling Rupert Murdoch conceited. He’s attacked Fox News -- his new corporate sibling -- for being insufficiently right-wing, saying that “Fox has joined the gaggle of things I cannot trust to be objective”; “Fox is also a very involved member of the Fake News crowd”; and “I've pretty much stopped caring what they think. Outside of Kilmeade, Carlson and Baier they are headed to the FAAAAAR left.” Schilling has also advocated for the lynching of journalists. 

Schilling’s conspiracy theories: QAnon, school shooting conspiracy theorist, “the global vaccine hoax”

  • Schilling endorsed and promoted the QAnon conspiracy theory in a 2018 Facebook post, writing of a QAnon video: “I started to research this about a month ago and was sent this today. You will not be able to stop watching once you start.” He has also worn a QAnon shirt with its slogan while doing Facebook videos
  • Schilling promoted the conspiracy theory that the mass shootings in Parkland, Florida, and Sandy Hook, Connecticut, were hoaxes. On February 26, 2018, he shared a link to a now-deleted article which embedded text that called Sandy Hook a “hoax” and purportedly included videos which “contain eyewitness testimony that prove the Parkland High School shooting did not happen as they told us.” Schilling defended himself in the comments section from criticism, saying, “Tell me something doesn't seem weird?”
  • Schilling shared a now-deleted thread from a Parkland conspiracy theorist who claimed that “this stinks to high heavens” and “why are the interviews that do NOT agree with the one shooter or the narrative that CNN is pushing being heard?” On Twitter, he also promoted a conspiracy theory falsely claiming that Parkland mass shooting survivor David Hogg was a supposed crisis actor. 
  • Schilling is an election denier who has defended the January 6 insurrectionists and called for the country to “Declare Martial Law, arrest the liars (Schiff, Pelosi, Shumer) the treasonous idiots (Schiff, Clinton) and put them on trial AND a complete re-vote.” He has pushed the conspiracy theory that Dominion helped steal the 2020 election. 
  • Schilling tweeted that the Democratic National Committee “murdered Seth Rich.” 
  • Schilling has promoted the conspiracy theory that the Clintons have murdered numerous people. 
  • Schilling called the COVID-19 vaccine “the global vaccine hoax that's killing people.” 

Schilling repeatedly expressed dislike for Outkick’s owners and corporate cousin Fox News

Schilling has frequently tweeted his dislike of the majority of Fox News and the Murdochs. Here are numerous examples from his Twitter account:  

  • “I said it before, the Murdoch sons are HARD CORE Hollywood liberals. Once dad was out of the picture the transformation began.” [September 16, 2020
  • “Not really considering the murdoch children are hard core hollywood liberals. Only a matter of time. IMO it's time we @BreitbartNews started our own news channel.” [November 27, 2018
  • “Tonight put me over the hump. Fox has joined the gaggle of things I cannot trust to be objective. No worries, just disappointing.” [November 6, 2018
  • “Fox is also a very involved member of the Fake News crowd ICYMI.” [September 14, 2018
  • “Think about this conceit. Rupert Murdoch thinks he matters enough that him wanting someone gone from the WH is actually news.” [August 15, 2017
  • “I've pretty much stopped caring what they think. Outside of Kilmeade, Carlson and Baier they are headed to the FAAAAAR left.” [August 23, 2017

Schilling’s bigotry: Anti-trans and anti-Muslim posts; blaming Black people for slavery in the U.S.

  • Schilling was fired from ESPN for promoting an anti-trans post in 2016 “which had a man in ripped women's clothes under a caption that read: ‘Let him in to the restroom with your daughter or else you're a narrow minded, judgmental, unloving, racist bigot who needs to die!’” 
  • Schilling has repeatedly demonized Muslims as killers and compared them to Nazis. 
  • Schilling on slavery: “African slavery was created by blacks, on blacks, to blacks, for blacks. They were sold by blacks, to blacks, and to whites.”
  • Schilling has called Jewish philanthropist George Soros “the puppeteer of the Democratic party.” (There is a long and violent history related to the antisemitic puppet master trope.)  
  • Schilling compared conservatives to Jewish people in 1930s Germany, tweeting: “Biden is Hitler mid 1930s rousing the German people on the evils of the Jewish people. With ‘Jew’ being the modern-day conservative American who believes in God and Country (regardless of sex, creed or color mind you).” 
  • Schilling promoted a large collection of Nazi memorabilia on Facebook in August 2015.