Breitbart's Curt Schilling embraces and amplifies absurd “QAnon” conspiracy theory

Schilling: “It's a group of people that are very Christian-focused group of people, who believe the deep state is real -- which I don't think we can deny anymore, that the deep state exists”

From the June 27 episode of Breitbart's The Curt Schilling Podcast:

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CURT SCHILLING (HOST): I tweeted out earlier this week about a group, a movement, that I had been a bit -- I had been asked about quite a bit. And I -- it got to the point where I said -- there was enough interest that I started to look into it myself. 

And like I said, I dig into stuff and try to find out at the root level what things are. And it's, basically, it's something called the “Q.” And I've been asked, “Do you believe the Q? Do you know who the Q is?” and all this other stuff. 

And I started to look into it, and I tweeted out the other day something about it, and I know there's something there, for this reason: the amount of anger and the hate that came from Twitter, that came from Facebook, back towards me, just for asking a simple question. 

I said, “Listen” -- I played the video, I said, “I -- you know, I'm wondering, I've been looking into this, and I think this video is pretty fascinating.”

It's a video that kind of summizes (sic), or summarizes, kind of where Q is right now. But it's a group of people that are very Christian, focused group of people, who believe the deep state is real -- which I don't think we can deny anymore, that the deep state exists -- but, I want you to go to YouTube, and I want you to search for “Q for Beginners Part 1 -- Who is Q?” 

And there's a gentleman whose handle is “Praying Medic,” and it's a four-minute and 50-second video that basically kind of lays out what Q is. 

And if you want to find out about its impact, just tweet something about it, or social media -- watch the level of anger that comes back at you -- and that, to me, in and of itself,  says that there's something there. But I've been looking into it, I'm going to continue to look into it. 


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