Clay Travis is a racist conspiracy theorist, and his “credo” is “all women are sluts”

Sarah Wasko / Media Matters

Outkick the Coverage website owner Clay Travis, who has a long history of promoting racism and misogyny, appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to criticize an ESPN personality for her tweets critical of President Donald Trump.

Travis has recently appeared several times on Carlson’s show to discuss sports-related news. He first appeared on the Fox show on August 22 after he revealed that ESPN had removed announcer Robert Lee from a University of Virginia football broadcast. The decision came on the heels of a deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, VA, which centered around the removal of a Robert E. Lee confederate statue. ESPN explained its reassignment of Lee as a mutual decision made by the network and Lee “simply because of the coincidence of his name.”

On September 12, Travis appeared again with Carlson, this time to attack ESPN’s Jemele Hill for a series of tweets in which she called Trump a white supremacist and noted that his ties to white supremacists are a threat to her and other minorities. ESPN responded with a statement saying that it has “addressed this with Jemele and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate.”

But Travis, who appears on Fox Sports Radio (but does not currently receive a salary from Fox Sports properties) has come under fire for a litany of controversial comments that were not addressed during his interview with Carlson.

In 2008, Travis -- credited alongside “the deadly hippos” -- wrote Man: The Book, an effort at “satire” that instructed men to “Be A Man” and includes in the Amazon description, “If it gets you into bed with a girl, it isn’t a lie.”

In the “satirical” book, Travis instructs men to go to hospitals to hit on rape victims, “dash” a woman’s head “on the fireplace,” refer to a wife or girlfriend as a “cockmitten,” murder a woman’s cat in front of her and feed it to your dog, and says, “If you remember nothing else from this book, make this phrase your credo: All women are sluts.” Here are some excerpts from Man: The Book:

  • “34. If you can’t tell if a woman is hot or not in her uniform, then it isn’t a sport you should be watching. This means the only acceptable sports to watch women play are beach volleyball, tennis, and stripping.”
  • “184. Libraries and hospitals are the two hardest places to pick up chicks. This is because women are usually sober and/or dying. At a library, wait in the self-help aisle until a hot chick walks by and then cry while you read some book called What She Really Means: Understanding Women and Their Mangled Vaginas. At a hospital, go straight for the rape victims and offer your protection. Cha-ching.”
  • "186. When answering the question about how long sex was, feel free to add about twenty minutes. All that lying you did to get her into bed has to count for something.”
  • “191. A woman’s self-esteem is like a roller coaster: the faster it drops, the more fun you have. “
  • “198. As satisfying as that thwap sound is, refrain from slapping your meat across a girl’s ass. Her forehead is a much more fulfilling target.” 
  • “200. After asking your woman for the 875th time, ‘What’s the matter?’ without getting a response, you are entitled to dash her head on the fireplace. Just kidding, that would stain the carpet.”
  • “202. If you lie to her, you get yelled at. If you tell the truth, you get yelled at. The lesson here is to never speak to a woman unless you need something. Anything else will get you in trouble. It is a sad, sad truth.”
  • “204. When referring to your girlfriend or wife around your buddies, it is always fun to refer to her as your ‘cockmitten.’ Unless of course your ‘girlfriend’ or ‘wife’ is an actual mitten that you masturbate with, in which case you need to invest $100 for a decent-looking hooker. (The one without too many track marks on her arm or a crack pipe in her pocket.)”
  • “207. When a man gets home from work, all he wants is to drink a beer, watch the game, and get a blow job. When your woman gets home, she wants to talk on and on about her day. Try grabbing a beer, turning on the game, and putting your cock in her mouth while she talks. This way, everyone wins.”
  • "227. If you first see her in a bathing suit at a water park with her family, she is too young … so you probably don’t need a condom.”
  • "233. Remember, girls are for keeping, ho’s are for sharing. Don’t be rude”
  • “236. ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas . . . ,’ so go ahead and let that candy-hiding tranny prostitute bang you until your ass bleeds. Wait . . . ”
  • “246. If a woman asks you to give up your dog, respond nonverbally by murdering her cat in front of her and feeding the carcass to your dog. When he starts eating, turn back to your woman and say, simply, ‘No.’”
  • “255. Pissing on a girl during a freaky-ass night of sexy isn’t nasty, seeing her again is.”
  • “258. If you remember nothing else from this book, make this phrase your credo: All women are sluts, some just don’t know it yet.”
  • “304. Age of consent is only an issue if you actually have sex. Looking is no crime.”
  • “306. Female co-workers are to be treated with respect. Say ‘nice ass,’ instead of just slapping it.”
  • “819. When stuck in a natural disaster with a girl, claim you don’t want to die a virgin. If she says yes, she is stupid. If she declines and you survive, tell all your friends she is a bull dyke, but you almost converted her.”
  • “821. There is no place you would rather be right now than a wet T-shirt contest at a high school cheerleading party.”

Additionally, Travis has come under fire for his racist conspiracy theories and race-baiting.

In May, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James reported that a racial slur had been spray-painted on his Los Angeles home, reporting the incident to the Los Angeles Police Department with a photograph of the vandalism. Travis alleged that James, one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, staged the incident in order to build up goodwill prior to the 2017 NBA finals. He has also blamed Black Lives Matter for “hundreds more dead black people in Chicago.”