Ben Stein Calls Obama “A Super Narcissist” For Staying In D.C. After Presidency

Obamas Will Remain In D.C. Until Daughter Graduates High School

From the May 26 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): Ben, good to see you, what do you make of this? How does that play into things if the former president is within two miles of the new president?

BEN STEIN:  I don't think I'd like it if I were the new president, I think Mr. Obama is going to be interfering, he'll be a busybody. It's a beautiful neighborhood. I know the neighborhood extremely well, Kalorama is one of the most absolutely most beautiful urban neighborhoods in the world and I congratulate him on choosing such a beautiful neighborhood. But, for the next president, he'll be essentially looking over his shoulder all the time. Obama will be trying to be in the limelight. The guy is essentially a super narcissist and this is more proof of it. 

CAVUTO: Yeah, this isn't really narcissistic, though, about staying in the area just so your little girl can finish high school. I mean, it would be narcissistic of he didn't, right?

STEIN: Yeah, there's nothing narcissistic about it at all. The fact that no other president has done it since the end of World War I, that doesn't show anything unusual, does it? 

CAVUTO: See, I think you're being very negative. I think he's being a good dad, he wants to be there and stay in the neighborhood when she graduates, that's fine. You see things a little more cynically, that's fine. 

STEIN: No, I don't see it cynically, I see a guy who cannot bear to leave the limelight. 


I think he is a narcissist, he loves the limelight, he loves attention, he loves to be thought of as the cool kid in school -- wants to be thought of as the cool kid in school, and he's going to try to be the coolest guy in Washington and it's going to be a major problem for whoever is the president. 


Obamas To Remain In D.C. After Presidency So Daughter Can Finish High School


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