Fox Guest: Listening To “Race Pimps” Makes Me “Wish A Cop Was Here In The Studio So He Could Blow My Brains Out”

From the September 21 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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KEVIN JACKSON: First of all, I wish you had a cop here in the studio so he could blow my brains out while I was listening to Richard [Fowler]. What a bunch of nonsense. We actually have a city that's got -- that's 40 percent higher in crime rate than the national average. Richard probably can't tell you the number of people who were killed in that city over the last year, which, by the way was 62. He doesn't tell you that 35 percent of the city is black, but they represent 67 percent of the homicides, and he wants to blame cops. I'd ask a very simple question. Where were the cops when the all the other crimes were going on? Is this the only time that the Charlotte cops have had a problem in that city? Or have they had a problem for decades? It's only when somebody gets shot that the race pimps come out and they start making an issue out of something. You got people down there partying because the left narrative is yet, again, being brought forward and they know it's a lie. You look at all the statistics that support -- you look at all the statistics of cops killing police. You look at all the statistics of police officers killing blacks and Richard knows he is being disingenuous. 


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