Fox's Tom Homan says he considered “throwing” a Democratic congressman “a beating right there” during a hearing

Homan also praises Fox's coverage of the southern border: “Thanks to the Fox network, they're telling the truth and they're getting this out there”

From the July 15 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Let's bring in Tom Homan. There was a dark cloud over his hearing, and --

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Storm clouds.

KILMEADE: Yeah, storm clouds would have been better. Retired ICE director and so much more. Tom, have you calmed down yet from that hearing?

TOM HOMAN (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): I did until you just showed that clip of someone calling me a racist and said I didn't care about dying children. That's when I broke. That's when I -- if you notice, I hesitated a minute before I started yelling because I actually think about getting up and throwing that man a beating right there in the middle of the room. Because when you tell somebody that spent their career saving lives that I don't care about dying children and I'm a racist -- that's where I broke and that's where I had enough.

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): It was definitely emotional, very contentious. In case you missed it for the folks at home, here's a montage of some of the sound bites.


KILMEADE: Tom, the only thing could I hope for is -- you're not there for a Republican or Democrat, you're there as a law enforcement official presenting a way, this is how you enforce the law. You said you were talking right to the American people. My hope is that the American people are listening, because no one in that room was listening. Do you get the sense, because I know law enforcement doesn't see red or blue -- do you get the sense the American people understand where ICE stands and Border Patrol stands in this whole political mess?

HOMAN: I think a lot of them do and I think we're educating more of them, thanks to -- look, thanks to the Fox network, they're telling the truth and they're getting this out there. I've seen some of your stories this morning. We got to keep -- Brian, we got to keep talking to the American people about the truth, because of the left and the media. The media controls everything, and other than Fox News, I don't know anybody else that wants to educate the American people on what's actually happening on that border. So, yeah, I think we got to keep doing what we're doing. I was there on my time. I wasn't being paid to be there. Like you said, I wasn't the ICE director anymore. I went there because I was invited by [Rep.] Jim Jordan [(R-OH)]. I was hoping to tell the truth to the American people.


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