Fox & Friends live audience parrots Fox's talking points: “The Mueller report clearly says” there was no collusion or obstruction; Democrats are “still upset about the election results”

Steve Doocy: “Thank you very much. Good answer.”

From the June 13 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): I believe, and I know you're too busy to watch during the day, but these impeachment hearings that come out and these rantings and ravings about the Mueller report and bringing the people in to bring a video version to a 434 page book. I think that people are fed up. I think that the people that are convinced the president is unworthy are there. The people that think that it is a witch hunt are here. And the people in the middle have tuned it out. 

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Well, let's talk to the people who are here in our live studio audience today. Who would like to talk a little bit about what you're seeing on television? Well, this young man right here in the center, you can go ahead and stand up. 


DOOCY: OK. What do you make of what Congress is doing? Because Nancy Pelosi -- she's got a number of members on the political left who would like to see impeachment. 

AUDIENCE MEMBER 1: Yeah. I think -- well, the Mueller report came out and the findings were that there's no collusion. The Democrats continue to perpetuate this idea that there was Russian collusion and that Donald Trump did something illegal, but the Mueller report clearly says they didn't. 

DOOCY: But the problem is the Democrats say look, he tried to obstruct justice. 

AUDIENCE MEMBER 1: Well, I think the findings were that he didn't. And to continue this idea that he did is just wasting time. 

DOOCY: Well, I think that -- thank you very much, good answer. How about a round of applause for him?


DOOCY: Who else would like to talk about the whole impeachment thing? 


AUDIENCE MEMBER 2: I think it boils down to that this is still hatred from the left and they're still upset about the election results, and -- 

DOOCY: Well, do you blame them? 

AUDIENCE MEMBER 2: Sixty-one percent of Americans do not want the impeachment. And I think if the left wasn't so blinded by, you know, their hatred for our president, that we would could continue to do things, continue to make America great again. So hopefully, they can open their eyes and see the gold at the end of the trail.

DOOCY: Very nicely done, thank you sir.


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