​Fox & Friends ​celebrates Trump stepping across the DMZ into North Korea with DJ Khaled's “All I Do Is Win”

​Fox reporter Griff Jenkins: This would be called "​​courageous​, ​t​he greatest feat of the 21st century" if Obama did it

​From the July 1 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:​

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): ​Was this the music blasting ​at the ​DMZ?


​KILMEADE: I didn't know that. ​

​EARHARDT: ​All I do is win.


EARHARDT: I'm watching the breaking news of our president walk across through the DMZ and into North Korea, the first time a sitting president has ever done this. It is a huge win.

​GRIFF JENKINS (GUEST CO-HOT): ​It's a huge deal. Listen, if any other president would have done it, let's say it was Barack Obama, people would have called it ​​courageous​, ​t​he greatest feat of the 21st century. ​But yet, that's not what ​all the critics are saying.

​KILMEADE: ​Right. ​And the thing is, we don't know​ how this is going to play out.


​​KILMEADE: We don't know ​if the president gave away too much​ by going over there,​ the procedure of ​the office. ​​But we do know this -- if t​h​e goal was to not have war in the area and to get back to the ​table, something unorthodox had to happen. After all, he took a 70-hour train ride into Vietnam. And whether you believe it or not, Kim Jong ​U​n, by all reports, was humiliated that he walked​ away with no deal​.

​EARHARDT: ​Right, at the beginning of the year.

​KILMEADE: So how are you going to get that back on track? ​Well, he started​ it​ with a note​ on the president's birthday, saying​ nice things. ​President wrote something back. ​And then on a whim, ​and rumor is against most of his advisers​, he said,​ ​"​I'm here, I'm going to ​S​outh Korea. I'm going to the ​DMZ. Why don't I just tweet out I'm here if you want to meet​?"​

​EARHARDT: Right.​

​KILMEADE: ​Boom boom boom​, it happened​​.

​EARHARDT: ​And then he gets the invitation. I'm watching th​is​ video​, and it's​ ​s​o interesting, because the reporters -- ​when you​'​re a reporter and your boss tells you, you get there, you get the picture, you get the photo op​,​ ​y​ou get the video​ --​ ​a​ll of these reporters, if you have time, you should watch it​,​ ​t​he whole lengthy video. ​Because look at these reporters, they're ​all running into place​,​ trying to get that historic snapshot, and you could hear people saying go, go, go. ​And I wasn't expecting -- ​you could hear the ​North Korean dictator​, you could hear​ Kim Jong ​U​n say, ​"​I wasn't expecting to meet ​you ​at this place. You are the first U.S. ​p​resident to cross the border.​" But listen to all the ​clicking. You can hear that clicking.

​JENKINS: ​Yes, can you imagine by the way, ​I'm jealous of my colleague ​T​ucker Carlson who was there​, feet away from this happening​​.​

​KILMEADE: You should be happy for him. That's a character flaw on your part.​

​JENKINS: OK, all right, ​I'm happy for you, ​T​ucker.


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