Fox's Chris Stirewalt Suggests Donald Trump's Daughter Ivanka For His VP Pick

Stirewalt: “Put Her On There And Say, ‘We're The Trumps, This Is The Family Business, This Is What We Do’”

From the July 5 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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CHARLES PAYNE (HOST): Chris, and finally, no woman [for Trump's vice presidential pick]. Would that be seen as pandering, then, if Donald Trump went after a woman? 

CHRIS STIREWALT: Yes, but sometimes it works. I mentioned Jan Brewer, former governor of Arizona, only because Republicans hate her. A lot of Republicans hate her. She hates a lot of Republicans. She has been a thorn in the side of her own party and of Democrats. She's kind of trans-partisan. But my favorite pick, my absolutely favorite pick, I think, is his daughter Ivanka. I think that is the best choice that he could make. You Trump the Trump. Everybody likes her. Has anybody ever said that they didn't like her? Everybody likes her. I think Trump would be smart to choose -- I know this is crazy. I know this sounds totally crazy, Charles, but I think he would be smart to pick his own daughter, put her on there and say, “We're the Trumps, this is the family business, this is what we do. I'm going to make the big decisions; she's going to run the day-to-day, and it's going to be fantastic.”

PAYNE: You know I got to tell you something, there might be something to that. She's extraordinarily popular. Certainly her favorables a lot higher than the dad's. Right? 

STIREWALT: Yes. Yes. And you know what? My point in all of this is, when it's a crazy election year, when weird stuff is happening, you got to embrace the weird. You cannot try to fight it and go straight at the end. 


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