Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin is using far-right media figures to campaign for governor

Janice McGeachin at her May 4 rally

From Janice McGeachin's Facebook page.

Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin has been relying on far-right media figures in her campaign to capture the Republican nomination for governor. The McGeachin-backers include those espousing and promoting white nationalist, antisemitic, and pro-violence views. 

McGeachin’s reliance on toxic figures was underscored when she held a May 4 rally that featured commentator Michelle Malkin, a major ally of the white nationalist movement; and Stew Peters, a white nationalist and pro-Putin podcaster who at the rally repeated his call for the execution of Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

McGeachin is following a similar path to other Republican politicians who have allied with far-right media figures, including Reps. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA); Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers; and former President Donald Trump. Rogers was a speaker at the rally. 

McGeachin, Gosar, Greene, and Rogers all made appearances at the white nationalist American First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) gathering in February. 

The following are McGeachin’s ties to several far-right media figures.

Stew Peters. Peters hosts an eponymous streaming program. He has repeatedly said that Dr. Anthony Fauci should be killed, and stated at McGeachin’s rally: “You don’t ask permission from Dr. Fauci Mengele to go outside. You ignore him. And you indict him, and you try him, and you fry him.” 

As a commentator, Peters has pushed white nationalist rhetoric: He praised the white nationalist website VDare and promoted the “great replacement” conspiracy theory, stating that “if America replaces its existing population with foreigners who are more violent or less capable, then this country will suffer … diversity isn’t America’s strength.” 

Peters is a supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, claiming that he is “more honest than anyone in our government.” He is also a COVID-19 conspiracy theorist and has popularized the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 is actually a synthetic form of snake venom. 

McGeachin has appeared on Peters’ program at least three times. In her most recent appearance, she praised Peters and told him: “You have a growing presence here in Idaho, and so we're really excited and anxious to get you here.” Peters has said he is “going to do whatever I can” to get her elected, adding, “We support you a hundred thousand percent.” 

Nick Fuentes. Fuentes is a white nationalist and Holocaust denier who hosts an online streaming show. Among his many hateful remarks, Fuentes has said that “we want children to be happy and not on drugs, and that’s why we opposed mixed marriages”; claimed that Jim Crow-era segregation “was better for” Black people; and used the N-word on his broadcasts. Fuentes is also an avid supporter of Russian dictator Vladamir Putin. He also hosts the American First Political Action Conference. 

McGeachin spoke in a recorded message to AFPAC’s February 2022 gathering, telling the white nationalists: “I thank you all for your efforts, I thank you for joining our efforts, and together we will fight to make Idaho great again.” She has stood by this appearance following criticism. 

Fuentes has praised McGeachin, writing: “Lt. Gov McGeachin is a fighter! God bless her.” 

Michelle Malkin. Malkin is a right-wing commentator who has become one of the white nationalist movement's biggest allies. She has promoted and defended white nationalists, spoken on white nationalist programs, and appeared at AFPAC. She also has frequently made bigoted remarks

Malkin has endorsed McGeachin’s campaign, writing in her syndicated column that “McGeachin is the kind of defiant GOP leader we need and I wholeheartedly endorse.” McGeachin, in turn, has said that she “is honored to receive this endorsement and the support from such an important voice in the conservative movement.” McGeachin also tweeted that Malkin is “a warrior for freedom and I’m proud to stand with her in this fight!” 

On Telegram, Malkin wrote: “America First fam — the gay, retarded, evil establishment GOP in Idaho is going after Lt Gov Janice McGeachin for sending a video greeting to AFPAC —they are demanding her resignation so they can stop her insurgent gubernatorial campaign to oust Big Business refugee lover and COVID coward Brad Little. She is defiant. Defend Janice!!!” 

Vincent James Foxx. Foxx is a white nationalist and Holocaust denier who hosts a streaming show and oversees the white nationalist website Daily Veracity. He frequently makes racist and antisemitic remarks, including claiming that “the Holocaust is weaponized” against white people and that Jewish people supposedly “not only control Hollywood, congress, and the media, but they control social media as well”; and alleging that the impeachment of former President Donald Trump was “The Jew Coup.”

McGeachin previously posed for a picture with Foxx at a Republican campaign event in Idaho. Afterward, Foxx said that he has “deep connections” to her and said he endorses her. Foxx also attended McGeachin’s May 4 rally.