Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin rallying with pro-Putin conspiracy theorist who claims COVID-19 is satanic snake venom

Janice McGeachin and Stew Peters

Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, who is running for governor, announced that she is appearing with Stew Peters for a political rally next month. 

Peters is a white nationalist who has said that he supports Russian President Vladimir Putin, who, he claims, is “more honest than anyone in our government”; has claimed that Russia is “the only country that’s not under the thumb of the criminal banking cabal”; has popularized the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 is actually a synthetic form of snake venom; and has repeatedly called for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be executed. 

McGeachin announced today that she is holding a May 4 rally in Meridian, Idaho, featuring, among others, Michelle Malkin, Republican Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers, and Stew Peters. Malkin has become one of the biggest allies of the white nationalist movement, while Rogers has repeatedly praised and promoted white nationalists. 

McGeachin, Rogers, and Peters all spoke at the white nationalist America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) gathering in February 2022. 

Peters is the host of The Stew Peters Show, which streams online and is available on podcasting apps like Apple Podcasts. McGeachin has appeared on Peters’ program at least twice

The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer profiled Peters, who has worked as a bounty hunter, in November and wrote that he “has had plenty of his own run-ins with the law.” 

Peters is behind the recently released COVID-19 conspiracy theory film Watch the Water which, as PolitiFact summarized, “ridiculously claims that the coronavirus is not a virus, but a synthetic version of snake venom that evil forces are spreading through remdesivir, the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and drinking water to ‘make you a hybrid of Satan.’”  

Peters has a history of toxic and violent rhetoric. For instance: 

  • He wrote: “Maybe it’s time we ask - is Russia the only country that’s not under the thumb of the criminal banking cabal and WEF NWO sycophants? Conclusion: All the bodies are buried in Ukraine, and the deep state is desperate to cover up their child sex and bioweapons factories. As far as I can tell, Putin may be the one man standing between 'The Great Reset' satanic cabal and freedom.” 
  • Peters wrote: “Putin’s Agenda is REALLY BAD for the Deep State Cabal!” He also claimed, “Putin is more honest than anyone in our government.” 
  • Peters claimed, “Putin Isn’t Responsible for the REAL MASSACRE! Your own government is.” The post linked to a page on his show site with the headline “COVID Jab Massacre – Fainting, Seizures & Sudden Death – Mass ‘Vax’ Program The Real Pandemic? [VIDEO].” 
  • Peters wrote: “I’m waiting for Putin to fire a missile into Davos.” 
  • Peters claimed of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: “So, it turns out the ‘President’ of Ukraine is a flaming gay, cross dressing, high heels-wearing bondage freak with a $40 million Florida mansion, is deeply connected to Hollywood and the establishment elites, hosts a multitude of U.S.-funded Bioweapons labs, paid Hunter Biden millions of dollars in bribes and happens to be a full-blown Nazi and was installed after the CIA and U.S. State Department effected a violent coup to oust a democratically-elected administration, before silencing and jailing opposition party leaders and turning off the real news in that country.” (Peters’ post also contained a fake picture of Zelensky holding a jersey with a swastika.) 
  • Peters repeatedly said that Dr. Anthony Fauci should be killed, including telling the crowd at AFPAC that the doctor should be “hanging by the end of a noose somewhere." 
  • Peters praised the white nationalist website VDare and promoted the “great replacement” theory, stating, “If America replaces its existing population with foreigners who are more violent or less capable, then this country will suffer. … Diversity isn’t America’s strength.”

Update (4/21/21): McGeachin appeared on the April 20 edition of The Stew Peters Show and promoted their rally and her campaign. McGeachin said of the event: “We're really excited and happy that you're coming to Idaho. Every time I mention the lineup and mention your name, that you're going to be here, there's a lot of enthusiasm for you being here. You have a growing presence here in Idaho, and so we're really excited and anxious to get you here.” During the interview, Peters told McGeachin that he is “going to do whatever I can” to get her elected, adding, “We support you a hundred thousand percent.” 

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Citation From the April 20, 2022, edition of The Stew Peters Show

*This post has been updated with additional information.