Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin was pictured with a white nationalist and Holocaust denier who said he has “deep connections” to her

Vincent James Foxx and Janice McGeachin

From a video posted on February 16, 2022, by Vincent James Foxx

Idaho’s Republican Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin recently posed for a picture with white nationalist and Holocaust denier Vincent James Foxx at a campaign event. Afterward, Foxx told his followers to support McGeachin’s campaign for governor and said he has “deep connections” to her. 

Foxx hosts an online streaming program and oversees the white nationalist website Daily Veracity. He will soon speak again at the America First Political Action Conference, which is run by fellow white nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes. Foxx was also near the U.S. Capitol during the January 6 insurrection. 

Foxx has engaged in Holocaust denial; complained that “the Holocaust is weaponized” against white people; attacked Jewish people because they supposedly “not only control Hollywood, congress, and the media, but they control social media as well”; claimed that the impeachment of former President Donald Trump was “The Jew Coup”; and has pushed white nationalist rhetoric. 

  • The OC Weekly reported that Foxx said while discussing the Holocaust that “no residue of cyanide was found on ANY of the walls of any of the ALLEGED gas chambers.” 

  • Foxx said of the Holocaust: “The Holocaust is weaponized... to make White people in large part, specifically, be afraid to be opposed to diversity, multiculturalism, mass immigration, endless immigration into their countries, into White countries, this is one of the specific reasons why the Holocaust is weaponized. It is also weaponized, as well, to make everyone, not just White people but everyone afraid of opposing or criticizing Zionist power."

  • On Telegram, Foxx has repeatedly attacked Jewish people for their supposed attacks against the country. He wrote, “Critical race theory, as well as other radical left-wing teachings were literally invented by Jews,” and said, “Jews using blacks as their proxy warriors for the revolution? Ya don’t say!” He also claimed, “The CEO of the ADL, one of the most powerful Jewish groups in the US, admits in this video that they control the algorithms on social media. They not only control Hollywood, congress, and the media, but they control social media as well.”

  • Foxx said of the first impeachment of Trump: “The Jew Coup: One thing that is objectively true is that the Impeachment of Donald Trump is a Jewish led impeachment. This is undebatable.”

  • Foxx wrote: “White people built this country, we pay the vast majority of the taxes, we are the consumers of the vast majority of the products. Literally the entire country would crumble without us. Why are white people tuning in to a meaningless charade where every 15 minutes they remind you how much they hate you and how guilty you should feel.” 

  • Foxx previously oversaw the now-defunct white nationalist website Red Elephants. That site frequently published antisemitic content, including a list featuring “the names of Jews at the top in media” and “The 25 Jewish Neocons That Got the US Into the Iraq War.” 

  • Foxx’s current website Daily Veracity has carried pieces with headlines such as “Black Americans Most Likely to Commit Hate Crimes, Join Hate Groups, and Commit Interracial Attacks. Here are the Numbers”; “Yes, You Are Being Replaced”; and “White People Were the First to End Slavery, and Nowhere Near the Biggest Slavers.”

McGeachin appeared at a February 12 event in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, that was hosted by the Kootenai Young Republicans, and posed for a picture with Foxx. He displayed the picture during a recently uploaded streaming video and praised McGeachin because “she supports Bitcoin,” saying, “We’re supporting her.”

He added that he has “deep connections … we have connections” to McGeachin. He later encouraged people to get involved in local politics and amass “power in these pockets of the country until it's time to unify,” stating that he has only been in Idaho “for a couple of months and I'm tapped into the way that I am.” 

Video file

Citation From a video posted on February 16, 2022, by Vincent James Foxx

VINCENT JAMES FOXX: But Janice McGeachin. So this is, she supports Bitcoin. She wants to make Idaho a safe haven for Bitcoin while people like [Sen.] Mike Crapo [R-ID] want to regulate Bitcoin. Deep connections to -- we're supporting her over -- we have connections -- we're supporting her over Ammon Bundy. 


So we don't have any connections to him, we can't push him, we can't influence him. And we don't even know who he truly is anyway. So Janice McGeachin, you know, you know her, you've heard of her, she just keeps changing stuff when [Idaho Republican Gov.] Brad Little's out and then he comes back and changes it back. And so we're supporting her. 

The solution is local politics, amassing power in these pockets of the country until it's time to unify. Amassing power. Not growing quickly, one organization, you know, one organization that has top-down, registered, categorized leadership, but amassing power in certain pockets with movements like, decentralized movements like America First, pushing groypers into positions, running for office. I mean, I've been only here for a couple of months and I'm tapped into the way that I am. You can do it too. Just get involved. Go to your local GOP meetings, push these people further right, push them. And if they don't push, if they don't budge, then replace them, period. Point blank. Run yourself, run one of your friends, support, volunteer for campaigns, go to your local GOP meetings and start meeting people and talking to people. That's the solution.

McGeachin has a history of supporting extremism, including affiliating with members of the Three Percenters militia. She also recently touted the support of right-wing commentator Michelle Malkin, who has a history of supporting white nationalists and antisemites, including Foxx. Malkin will also again appear at the America First Political Action Conference with Foxx. 

McGeachin's campaign did not respond to a request for comment. 

Foxx also attended a fundraiser for the Kootenai County GOP that featured Dinesh D’Souza.  

Vincent James Foxx at Kootenai County GOP’s Lincoln Day event

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) is a fan of Foxx and has repeatedly promoted his Daily Veracity website.