“Christian, conservative, white male” Doug Giles on feminism

In his April 24, 2004, column on The Heritage Foundation's website Townhall.com, columnist Doug Giles claimed that, according to “the feminists,” his opinion, that of a “Christian, conservative, white male,” “no longer counts.” Giles continued:

According to the feminists ... not only does the WASPy man know nothing, but he better not say things like:

  • The feminists spit on everything that's based on Judeo/Christian ethics.
  • The feminists will gladly get rid of your church or synagogue.
  • The feminists live to walk on our flag and everything for which it stands.
  • The feminists would love to hit the delete button on our nation's collective memory.
  • The feminists are more than willing to re-write history.
  • The feminists are adept in messing with our kids' minds.
  • The feminists hate anything that's normal.
  • The feminists hate anything that is decent.
  • Feminism has now become a synonym for lesbianism.
  • Or, he'll have hell to pay.

Doug Giles writes a weekly column on cultural issues that appears on The Heritage Foundation's website Townhall.com. He is the creator, host, and director of ClashRadio.com, a Christian radio station heard in Miami, Palm Beach, the United Kingdom, and via satellite and the Internet. His 2003 book, Ruling in Babylon, was published by Xulon Press (a Christian self-publisher).

Giles is also a pastor at His People Miami Christian Church in Miami, Florida. According to the Clash Radio website, “This fall Pastor Doug Giles is serving STEAK [Serious Theological Education Advancing the Kingdom] ... An all beef discipleship course covering the majors of the Christian Faith.”