Fox Corp.'s Curt Schilling: Tucker Carlson’s texts trashing Trump are AI fabrications (or something)

Update (3/10/23): Following the publication of this article, Schilling admitted that Carlson’s texts were “true” and called them “unfortunate.”

Curt Schilling Tucker Carlson update

Failed video games company founder Curt Schilling, who was recently hired as a host for the Fox Corp. property Outkick, told his Twitter followers that he doesn’t believe corporate colleague Tucker Carlson privately bashed former President Donald Trump because “AI” technology exists. 

On March 8, far-right and anti-Muslim commentator Brigitte Gabriel responded to Carlson’s  recently released Fox/Dominion texts saying that he’s looking forward to ignoring Trump and that he hates him “passionately” by tweeting: “I hope this isn't true. I've always really liked Tucker Carlson's show and would hate to think he's been lying to us.” Schilling replied: “In the day and age of AI, no chance.”

While Schilling may not believe that Carlson would bash Trump in private, he does embrace QAnon and conspiracy theories about school shootings, COVID-19, and Dominion Voting Systems. 

Fox News has been hosting Schilling as a pundit since he joined the Fox Corp. family. 

Curt Schilling's Tucker Carlson tweet