Glenn Beck suggests that “the Prince of Darkness” created the trans movement to “destroy people”

Guest Candace Owens: The trans rights movement “is one of the most dangerous” and “evil” things happening right now

Right-wing pundits Glenn Beck and Candace Owens attacked the trans community during Beck's podcast, with him suggesting that if he were the “the Prince of Darkness” and wanted to “destroy people,” he would have created trans people. He also cited them as an example of the destruction of sexuality, gender, family, and “absolutely everything that is the fundamental building block of who we are.”

During the February 27 segment of BlazeTV’s The Glenn Beck Podcast, Owens claimed that the movement for trans equality “is one of the most dangerous” and “evil” things that is happening. These anti-trans comments come a week after Beck claimed openly gay Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg can’t criticize Trump while citing the Bible because gay people are stoned in it. 

Owens has made anti-trans comments in the past, including saying, “I cannot think of anybody’s emotional capabilities that are more unstable than somebody that is transitioning from a male to a female.” She has also called trans women competing in sports and Miss Universe pageants “a complete and utter mockery of modern feminism” while referring to them as “men,” and she mocked Trans Day of Remembrance by asking if there is a “black on black crime Remembrance day.” Trans Day of Remembrance is an annual day of observation held in memory of trans people who have lost their lives to anti-trans violence over the past year. Furthermore, Owens defended actor Mario Lopez after he appeared on her show and claimed that it is “dangerous” for parents to support their trans kids. He later apologized for those comments. 

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Citation From the February 27, 2020, edition of BlazeTV’s The Glenn Beck Podcast

CANDACE OWENS (HOST, THE CANDACE OWENS SHOW): So think about any movement right now that’s crazy. Like, I’m so outwardly spoken against the trans movement. Don’t even get me started. They call me like the transphobic -- give it to me, I know where this is going to end. That is one of the most dangerous things that’s happening right now. Weakening men, turning men into women. It is an evil thing that’s happening right now with the trans movement.

GLENN BECK (HOST): You know, I happen to be a very religious person. And if I were the Prince of Darkness, and I was thinking, “How do I destroy people?” I would destroy their sexuality. I would destroy their gender. I would destroy their families. I would destroy absolutely everything that is the fundamental building block of who we are, and that’s what’s happening. 

OWENS: Just the trans movement does that. Like right by itself. Teaching people to mutilate themselves, can’t give birth going down the line, your family sort of -- I mean, it is --

BECK: Oh yeah. And there is no, you know, I remember 20 years ago saying it won't be long before we buy into this, this, and this. And people said, “You're out of your mind.” And we’ve long past those things, and we’re now at a place to where they destroy you if you will not accept and preach that men can have periods and babies.

OWENS: They’re starting to put tampons in the men's restrooms.