Glenn Beck says Pete Buttigieg can’t make Christian criticisms of Trump because they stone gay people in the Bible

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Citation From the February 20, 2020, edition of BlazeTV's The Glenn Beck Radio Program

GLENN BECK (HOST): A lot of people would find [Pete Buttigieg's] lifestyle antithetical to what is found in the Bible. I mean, you just -- Pete, you can't make this claim. "You know, I just don't know how you would vote for him because the way he lives his life, I mean, you know, you can't find that in the Bible." Well, you also can't find anything but stoning of homosexuality and stoning of homosexuals in the Bible too. Old-timey, sure. Bad, yes. But it's not an endorsement. Nowhere in the Bible is there an endorsement of that. I mean, at best you can say, well, Jesus never talked about it. Well Jesus never talked about tweeting either.


You can't pick and choose if you're going to use the Bible. You can't say, "Well I'm a Bible-believing person." That's like Donald Trump. It drove me nuts when he was like, "Yeah, you know, I love the 2 Corinthians." Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop talking about it. OK? But if you just want to say, "Look, I, mean, you know, I try to live my life based on, you know, basic principles, many of them were found in the Bible, and I don't know how to square his behavior." That's totally fine. But he gets into, "We're in Bible country now. We're in Bible territory." No, you shouldn't go there. You shouldn't go there.