Major Garrett: “Fox is entitled to the seat” once occupied by Helen Thomas

As TVNewser notes, Fox News White House correspondent Major Garrett appeared on Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade's radio show (yes, that Brian Kilmeade) where he discussed his upcoming stint as guest-host of Fox News Sunday and how his employer is “entitled” to Helen Thomas' old front row seat in the White House press briefing room:

He told Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade on Kilmeade's radio show: “It's rare when you've never anchored a second on the Fox network that they put you in the chair on Fox News Sunday. Obviously someone drank some bad water.”

Kilmeade also asked Garrett whether he's going to get Helen Thomas' front row briefing room seat.

Helen Thomas' seat is vacant. It's a decision that will be made by the elected leadership of the White House correspondents association. That election is going on now, the ballots will soon be counted. The board will be newly constituted and the board will take a vote. And I believe by every measure, by every standard of precedent, history, time in job, dedication to the beat, paying all the things that we do as a member of the pool that covers the White House and the president, all presidents, Fox deserves the seat, Fox is entitled to the seat. And I believe justice will be done and Fox will get the seat.

Two things come to mind reading Garrett's comments. First, he better not let Glenn Beck hear him talking about "justice." Second, it's interesting that he makes the contention that Fox News “deserves” and is “entitled” to the seat during a conversation with Kilmeade about his guest-host stint for Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

If we needed even more examples of why Fox News shouldn't be allowed in the front row, I suppose Kilmeade, Wallace and Fox News Sunday fit the bill. Just look at some recent research on those three and tell me if you think the right-wing network deserves the seat:


Chris Wallace/Fox News Sunday