O'Keefe pleads to misdemeanor in Louisiana case

Andrew Breitbart's long national nightmare is over.

As David Weigel reports on his WashingtonPost.com Right Now blog:

Fox News reporter Eric Shawn reports that videographer James O'Keefe's legal nightmare over accusations of phone tampering in a senator's office will end with a misdemeanor plea. O'Keefe is known for his hidden-camera exposé targeting ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).

Originally, O'Keefe faced much more potentially serious charges. At the time of the arrests, the U.S. Attorney's office claimed O'Keefe and three others [acting suspiciously in Sen. Mary Landrieu's (D-La.) district office] were in the process “of committing a felony.” But federal prosecutors never made the supposed “felony” clear, and the lesser misdemeanor plea of entering federal property “under false pretenses” is expected to spare O'Keefe and his co-defendants any jail time.

Now O'Keefe can open up his costume trunk and get back to work for Breitbart.

For those just tuning into the story, some background after the jump.