Who to believe, N.Y. prosecutors or Breitbart?

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Andrew Breitbart's Big Journalism delivered a monumentally lame, not to mention embarrassingly tardy, defense of the continuing ACORN controversy. And specifically it came up short in its limp attempt to rebuff New York prosecutors, whose sources told both the New York Daily News and the New York Post last week that the undercover ACORN videos they looked at, as part of their investigation, had been heavily edited.

Big Journalism's response to the charge the videos were edited? No they weren't. Trust us.

Yep, the same people who concocted the ACORN pimp myth, and who refuse to release all unedited ACORN videos, now insists that that we take their word over New York prosecutors who saw the unedited clips and announced they had been heavily edited.

But for the pure comic effect, you have to read the Breitbart crew's monumentally feeble attempt at defense:

Ironically, with no tangible evidence that O'Keefe's videos were, in fact, "heavily edited," the left has been literally heavily editing their attack plan against him – correcting, updating, and revising their angles of assault in order to catch up with the facts.

So yeah, just ignore those quotes from prosecutors in the Daily News and Post. According to Breitbart's team, they don't exists. Instead, in Breibart World, there's "no tangible evidence." And no, BTW, they won't dare release the unedited videos and give other independent observes a chance to confirm tangible evidence.

And check this part out:

Their next angle has been echoing the Brooklyn District Attorney's office contention that the videos were a "heavily edited splice job." No they weren't. And we still await a shred of evidence to the contrary. However, the left doesn't depend on evidence to support their accusations – they depend on the loudness and repetition of the accusation itself.

Priceless. Breitbart's site, having provided no evidence to support its claim about the ACORN vids, accuses the Left of never depending on evidence to support their charges.

It truly is amateur hour.

Bottom line: Breitbart's not-very-nimble team has no idea how to play defense, which accounts for its nearly uniform incoherence in recent days and weeks with regards to the unraveling ACORN story.

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