Why did so many conservatives accuse O'Keefe of trying to "bug" Landrieu's office?

Why did so many conservatives accuse O'Keefe of trying to "bug" Landrieu's office?

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Andrew Breitbart must be furious!

We already noted that Breitbart insisted his protégé James O'Keefe was never charged with trying to "bug" the senator's office, but the evil liberal media slanted the story that way. But oops, that's exactly what the right-wing site Pajamas Media reported; that O'Keefe has nabbed for trying to "bug" the office.

It turns out lots of conservatives outlets reported it that way:

-"Filmmaker who targeted ACORN arrested for trying to bug La. senator's office" (NY Post)

-"Feds Cuff ACORN 'Pimp' in Attempt to Bug Sen. Landrieu's Phones" (NRO's The Corner)

-"James O'Keefe Arrested for Attempting to Bug Senator Mary Landrieu's Offices?" (Ace of Spades)

-"ACORN Sting Man James O'Keefe Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Bug Mary Landrieu's Office." (The Lonely Conservative)

-"James O'Keefe arrested for attempting to bug Mary Landrieu's office" (Another Black Conservative)

I assume Breitbart's Big Journalism is sending correction requests to the right-wing New York Post and National Review. (I'm trying not to laugh while I type this...) And when Breitbart refuses to demand a retraction from the NYPost, won't that tell you all you need to know about his real intent?

UPDATED: Is Big Journalism really the best site to be demanding retractions for factual errors? Isn't that like Mark McGwire suddenly advocating for a stricter steroids testing policy?

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