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  • Speak for yourself E.J.

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    Like most Beltway pundits, E.J. Dionne cannot stop writing about the Clinton's. Yet in his Post column today he insists we're the ones obsessed:

    "It has been more than two months since Barack Obama secured the Democratic presidential nomination, yet here we are, still fascinated with Bill and Hillary Clinton and what they're up to." [Emphasis added.]

  • WaPo tries to take credit for debunking Corsi

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    In today's day-late follow-up to the NYT article on Corsi's anti-Obama book and the progressive fact-checking that's raised questions about its veracity, the Post claims "Parts of the book have also been disproved by the mainstream media." [Emphasis added.]

    The Post offers no evidence to back up that claim. And trust us, it's just not true.

  • Back the Edwards haircut beat for a moment

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    While explaining his newspaper's coverage of the John Edwards affair story, Raleigh's News & Observer editor John Drescher noted, "We've had a poor relationship with Edwards and his top staffers for years. Among other things, they were unhappy about our stories about his new house outside Chapel Hill, his expensive haircuts and his change in political philosophy from one presidential campaign to another."

    Hmm, why would Edwards and his aides have been unhappy with the News & Observer's haircut coverage? Hint: It's because the paper returned to the topic 49 times in the last 15 months, according to Nexis.