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  • The AP makes our heads hurt, again

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    Another "analysis" gem. We'll just highlight one of the more idiotic portions. It's where the AP's Jennifer Loven struggles mightily to keep afloat her divisive, the-Clinton's-stole-the-convention theme. How did she know it was true? Well, because Hillary had the key speaking role Tuesday night. As for Biden's performance in the same time slot last night, here's Loven:

    "As the evening's final speaker, Biden held the so-called prime-time slot. Yet, in Eastern and Central time zones, Biden wound up on TV after many folk's bedtimes and it was Bill Clinton people saw, being cheered so roundly that he had to plead "Please stop ... Please sit" to be heard."

    For those keeping track, in the Central time zones Biden began speaking at approximately 9:20 last night. But according to the AP, that was "after many folks' bedtime."

    We just can't make this stuff up.

  • CBS is afraid of soldiers

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    Specifically, portraits of U.S. soldiers back from Iraq who were to be featured on CBS Outdoor billboards in Minneapolis-St. Paul as GOP conventioneers arrived. But CBS canceled the contract with "Soldiers Billboard Project" out of fear the images would be misinterpreted. See the Minnesota Independent for details. (h/t

  • Tom Brokaw, historian

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    Following Clinton's convention address, Brokaw on why it's tricky for the Dem to attack the GOP candidate: "When John McCain was sitting in a prison in Hanoi, Bill Clinton was writing letters to his ROTC commander trying to get out of the draft!"

  • The Denver debacle

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    And it's only Wednesday. See The Seminal. (Why do we think journalists will regain their senses just in time for St. Paul?)

  • The Clinton "snub"

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    Nice to see the cablers have effortlessly found a new Clinton convention theme to hammer; the fact that Bill Clinton is reportedly leaving Denver before Obama's Thursday night's address. CNN talking head: "I think it's bad form. He needs to be passing the torch onto Obama as the nominee of the party."

    We thought some media context might be helpful here. And that context is that at the 2000 Democratic convention, the media harped incessantly on the fact that Clinton was staying too long at the convention; that he wouldn't get off the political stage and let the party's new standard-bearer take over:

    -"But Clinton is still hogging the spotlight. He'll be in Los Angeles longer than Gore." (USA Today, August 14, 2000)

    -"Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton have been roundly accused of hogging the spotlight from his vice president." (New York Times, August 14, 2000)

    -"For four days, Clinton hogged the spotlight." (Boston Herald, August 15, 2000)

    But now in 2008, the press is convinced that Clinton must stay at the convention longer. That he must remain in the spotlight for as long as possible.