FoxPAC: Cavuto promotes “national sensation” Chris Christie with yet another softball interview

Today, Neil Cavuto hosted New Jersey's Republican governor, Chris Christie, for his seventh Your World interview since May 2009. Cavuto closed out the interview by saying that Christie has “become a bit of a national sensation, to put it mildly.”

According to the Nexis database, Christie first appeared on Your World on May 4, 2009, to discuss the Republican gubernatorial primary. Christie returned only weeks later to again tout his primary campaign, and again in September and November 2009 to discuss the general election.

In June, Christie sat down for a two-part interview with Cavuto -- an interview Fox News' Andrew Napolitano said was an “Internet sensation.”

From Internet sensation to national sensation in less than three months? You can't buy this kind of PR.

Then again, Fox News is the finance arm of the GOP, not the other way around.