LifeSiteNews Praises Accused War Criminal For Opposing LGBT Rights

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With polls showing record levels of support for marriage equality, opponents are looking for all the backing they can get - including, it appears, from accused war criminals.

In a July 1 article, right-wing website highlighted Kenya's Deputy President William Ruto's "rebuke" of President Barack Obama for calling for African nations to affirm the rights of LGBT people:

A second African president has rebuffed President Barack Obama's promotion of homosexuality in foreign relations during his $100 million tour of the continent.

Obama said he respects "people's personal views and their religious faith, et cetera," but "when it comes to how the state treats people, how the law treats people," he believes the equality of homosexuality and the traditional family is"a principle that I think applies universally."

Deputy President of Kenya William Ruto responded during Sunday Mass that Kenya is committed to the nuclear family as taught by the Scriptures.

"Those who believe in other things, that is their business," Ruto said at St. Gabriel's Catholic Church in Maili Kumi. "We believe in God."

"This nation, the nation of Kenya," he said, is "sovereign and God-fearing."

In promoting Ruto's comments, failed to note that he has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for his role in stoking Kenya's post-election violence after the 2007 election. Beginning September 10, Ruto will be tried in abstentia on charges including crimes against humanity, murder, and the forcible removal of persons leading to civilian deaths. That anti-marriage equality forces appear to find an ally in Ruto says a great deal about their increasing desperation for support.

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