WSJ Says The Special Prosecutor Idea Fox News Has Pushed Is"Dumb"

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As Fox News continues to push for a special prosecutor to investigate the Obama administration, the Wall Street Journal's editorial board has come out in opposition to that idea in favor of congressional investigations that will extract a "political price."

Over the last few weeks, Fox has repeatedly distorted the facts to make the case for a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS' scrutiny of conservative political groups. 

Characterizing this movement as "dumber follows dumb," the Wall Street Journal -- like Fox News, owned by News Corp. -- has come out in opposition to a special prosecutor for the IRS' politicized handling of nonprofits in a May 29 editorial.

The Journal argues that these investigations are "best handled in Congressional hearings" and that calls for a special prosecutor are "cheap political grace." But the paper doesn't urge this course of action for because it's simply seeking an unbiased finding of what went wrong and how to fix it. The Journal writes that instead of waiting for "potential indictments" -- which the board warns "would extend well past the 2014 election" -- hearings should take place to "educate the public" so that the White House will be forced to assert executive privilege which will carry a "political price."

So while Fox News makes a dishonest case for an open-ended investigation by a special prosecutor in order to paint the Obama administration in the worst possible light, their colleagues at the Journal supportcongressional investigations which they believe would help Republicans at the ballot box.

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