"BONE-SHATTERING": How Fox Nation Talks About Anti-Obama Ads

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It's been a rough year for President Obama at the Fox Nation website, where he's been pulverized, slayed, shredded, vaporized, roasted, taken to the woodshed, and shattered into a million pieces.  

Fox Nation, Fox News' clearinghouse for anti-Obama conspiracy theories and blatant race-baiting, has spent much of the past year promoting political ads from various conservative groups and candidates. The site has been particularly devoted to posting ads from American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, the political groups started by Fox News employee Karl Rove.

The Fox Nation headlines hyping Crossroads' ads frequently move past the typical "slams" and "criticizes" descriptors employed by headline writers at most other news outlets. As explained by the blog News Corpse last year in a post highlighting some of Fox Nation's over-the-top headlines, "by Fox News standards any time someone criticizes someone else they are either obliterated, demolished, destroyed, annihilated, crushed, torched, or nuked. Particularly if the criticism is directed to President Obama or a Democrat."

For example, a Crossroads ad was featured at Fox Nation last month with this understated headline:

According to Fox Nation, in recent months Obama has also been crushed and slayed by ads from Rove groups, and shredded by an RNC ad:

Fox Nation's over-the-top descriptions of the horrors visited on Obama aren't limited to its headlines promoting Crossroads ads. In the past year, Obama has also been shattered "into a million pieces" by Rush Limbaugh:

Taken to the woodshed:

Pulverized (twice):



And vaporized:

Fox Nation
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