Nugent: "Occupy Wall Street Is Nothing More Than Anti-American Socialism On Parade"


In his October 14 Washington Times column, Ted Nugent derided the Occupy Wall Street protesters as "useful idiots" and "softheaded numskulls," and claimed that the movement is "nothing more than anti-American socialism on parade." From The Washington Times:

Idiots are easily manipulated. They are useful pawns, and that's about it. Consider the stooges of the fledgling movement "Occupy Wall Street." These useful idiots are clamoring for social justice, as if they don't have enough of that already.

From what I can tell, the softheaded numskulls of Occupy Wall Street want investment bankers to give up their wealth, as in "spread the wealth around." They are blaming Wall Street for the sad state of our economic malaise and for all the other problems of the world.

Poster boy for the morbidly obese and natural leader of the hygiene-challenged, uber-lefty America-haters, Michael Moore spoke out in favor of Occupy Wall Street. What he didn't tell the crowd of useful idiots and what they are too stupid to grasp is that he is one of the wealthy individuals whom he and they supposedly despise. I would gladly pay for a first-class, one-way ticket for Mr. Moore to the socialist or Marxist country of his choosing if he promises to stay there.

Occupy Wall Street is nothing more than anti-American socialism on parade.


Occupy Wall Street is empty-headed. Stinky hippies, generational slaves to Fedzilla and the transparent entitled are the problem, not the solution.


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