Wash. Times Op-Ed Demands Congress "Take Our Military Back" From LGBT Activists


In a September 16 Washington Times op-ed titled, "Congress resists rush for an LGBT military; Obama Pentagon tries to impose homosexual service unilaterally," Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness wrote:

Enter pseudonymed J.D. Smith, director of an "underground" military activist group called Outserve. Mr. Smith told The Washington Times that he wants targeted recruitment of homosexuals, just like other minorities, and representation at homosexual pride parades. Outserve is publishing a special-interest magazine for distribution on military bases, and the group is planning an October "summit" in Las Vegas to discuss what LGBT personnel want from the military.

Separatism in the military invites trouble. Some European forces have labor unions that negotiate benefits, but our military does not permit active-duty unions or factions that would disrupt unity of purpose in the ranks.

President Obama made a political promise to LGBT activists, and Defense Department appointees have created a shaky house of cards that is about to collapse. Congress has the right to review regulations defining the president's "San Francisco military." Tactics used to pass and enforce theLGBT law should be made public, and the next president and Congress should resolve to take our military back.


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