Nugent Celebrates Labor Day By Bashing Unions


In his September 2 Washington Times column, Ted Nugent wrote that "[t]he real purpose of Labor Day is a day for the Democratic Party to celebrate" and that AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka is an "Al Capone-wannabe." Nugent further wrote that the stimulus was "a giant, taxpayer-funded payoff for labor unions to vote for Democrats" and a "scam."

From Nugent's column:

The real purpose of Labor Day is a day for the Democratic Party to celebrate. Labor unions and their members are solidly in the Democratic camp. At every Democratic campaign rally, Big Labor is there.


Al Capone-wannabe Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-See-I'm-Sleeping, has been recently grumbling about giving less money to the Democratic Party because the party has not given labor unions everything they want. Mr. Trumka knows, however, that when push comes to shove, the AFL-CIO will provide Democrats with stacks of cash as they always have.

Mr. Trumka knows that much of the trillion-dollar stimulus package is nothing more than President Obama using our tax dollars to provide artificial employment for union workers. It is a giant, taxpayer-funded payoff for labor unions to vote for Democrats. What a scam.


The result of the labor movement has been a disaster. Labor unions have not sustained labor but rather have destroyed it. Unions, labor bosses and negotiators bargained themselves out of jobs through decades of forcing unrealistic and unsustainable wages and benefits on businesses.

There will be parades, pep rallies and speeches on Labor Day. But there is a real feeling in the air among American workers that something has gone terribly wrong. Ultimately, you get what you bargain for -- an unemployment check.


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