Right-Wing Media To Obama: How Dare You Run For Re-election

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One of enduring, albeit unintentional, charms of monitoring the right-wing media, and especially the right-wing media during the Obama years, is that the major players like to think of themselves as hardened truth-tellers who can take a punch. But it turns out they box with a glass jaw and are easily frightened by the most routine political developments.

This week has already produced two examples showcasing how the tough-talking conservative media is actually populated by a pack of Wizard of Oz lions in desperate need of some courage.

The first instance came from the New York Post's hollow claim that Obama aides are out "digging up dirt" on New Jersey's Republican governor, Chris Christie. (The laughable article included zero evidence of any Christie "dirt" being dug up by anyone. Zilch.) And the second was that the White House, with an eye on 2012, had created an online position within its communications team to push back against online falsehoods being spread about Obama.

At the very most, the two articles suggested the Obama team was engaged in conducting opposition research and fact-checking, which is like saying the Obama team was engaged in hiring speech writers and consultants. i.e. Both activities are utterly mundane in today's world of professional politics.

But oh my, cue the far-right freak-out:

More thuggery from our wannabe Dictator-in-Chief.


Progressive Is A Synonym for Dictatorship


Obama's Smear Machine


"Team Obama" preparing "for a little mud slinging"


Obama's "trying to intimidate his way to re-election"

This is typical behavior of partisan bullies. They spend their days and nights launching hateful, phony attacks against the president, but then run scared when their opponent even hints at fighting back.

New York Post, Pajamas Media
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