No, Public Employee Unions Did Not Cause "Unprecedented Government Growth"

No, Public Employee Unions Did Not Cause "Unprecedented Government Growth"

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Townhall's David Stokes writes:

This brings us back around to public employee unions. President Kennedy signed an executive order in 1962 effectively lifting a long-standing ban against government employees organizing to bargain collectively. This, in fact, ushered in an era of unprecedented government growth at taxpayer expense.

Just one problem: That did not happen.

Here's a chart showing federal government spending as a share of GDP from 1900 to 2010, courtesy of the website, which is maintained by right-wing writer Christopher Chantrill:

Notice what it doesn't show? That's right: it does not show an "era of unprecedented government growth" following Kennedy's 1962 decision to lift the ban on collective bargaining by government employees.

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