What Michael Medved Left Out Of His WSJ Column

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As Media Matters noted, conservative radio host Michael Medved penned a must-read opinion column in today's Wall Street Journal in which he eviscerates right-wing pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin for pushing the noxious notion that Obama is purposefully weakening and destroying America; that he's some sort of black Manchurian Candidate fixated on stripping us of our freedoms.

Writes Medved:

They label Mr. Obama as the political equivalent of a suicide bomber: so overcome with hatred (or "rage") that he's perfectly willing to blow himself up in order to inflict casualties on a society he loathes.

Noting the absurdity of the claim, not to mention its offensiveness, Medved makes the excellent point that the Obama Derangement Syndrome strategy is a sure-fire loser if the ultimate goal is to block the president's re-election next year:

Republicans already face a formidable challenge in convincing a closely divided electorate that the president pursues wrong-headed policies. They will never succeed in arguing that those initiatives have been cunningly and purposefully designed to wound the republic.

And here's another point Medved could have made: The strategy has already proven itself to be a political loser, yet Obama haters in the far-right press trudge on.

Just look at Obama's job approval rating. It has remained essentially unchanged for the last 18 months. Think about that. Palin and Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have thrown the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink and the basement sink at Obama with their he's-trying-to-destroy-America shtick for going on two years now. And the collective public response? A shrug of the shoulders.

Most voters don't care and they're tuning out the crazy, Obama-hating talk. But yes, other than than that the strategy is working to perfection.

Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved
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