Nugent Calls For "Total Destruction" Of Social Security


In a February 4 Washington Times column, Ted Nugent called for the "total destruction" of Social Security, calling it a "Ponzi scheme" and falsely claiming that it is "broke." In fact, as Media Matters has noted, without any changes, Social Security will be fully funded through 2037.

From Nugent's column:

Americans have been used, strung along, ripped off, manipulated and frightened for decades by runaway gangs of power-mongering, deceptive politicians.

I give you Social Security. As usual, it is the exact opposite of what we have been told. This classic Ponzi scheme is anti-social and insecure.


Social Security is bloated, broke and busted. FDR's New Deal turned out to be the Rip-off Deal.


The only way to truly reform Social Security is to sink it. Settling for anything less than the total destruction of this financial sinkhole would be perpetuating the problem and allowing Fedzilla to continue to pick the pockets of future generations of Americans.


The GOP should be telling young Americans that it is their responsibility to save and invest for their retirement and if they start saving today, they will amass a fortune over their careers. They should be told Social Security is a scam, a flat-out smoke-and-mirrors Ponzi scheme, pure and simple.

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