EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Bret Baier Performs "Rapper's Delight"

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Bret Baier Performs "Rapper's Delight"

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Bret Baier, host of Fox News' Special Report, spent the past few days participating in the 52nd Bob Hope Classic, a charity golf tournament held annually in La Quinta, California. But the highlight of Baier's weekend -- for us, at least -- came on Friday night, when Baier performed the Sugarhill Gang's seminal 1979 classic, "Rapper's Delight," for the Classic's participants.

Baier concluded his act by telling the audience, "Don't tell anybody I did that. Don't tell anybody." He later told a reporter, "I hope it's not a YouTube moment."

That evening, Baier's brother Tim posted an unlisted YouTube video of the performance, allowing only those who had obtained the link to view it. But today, shortly after Politico reported on its existence, the video was made private. Only a few hundred people had been able to view it.

Luckily, we were able to preserve the video. And so, without further ado, Media Matters for America presents "Bret doing Rapper's Delight":

Better or worse than MC Rove? We report, you decide.

Bret Baier
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