Rasmussen will be just fine

Blog ››› ››› SIMON MALOY

As Eric Boehlert points out, Nate Silver has confirmed what pretty much everyone already knew: Scott Rasmussen's polling this cycle was awful. Really awful. And strongly biased in favor of the GOP in roughly 75 percent of his final polls. Goodbye, credibility ... right?

Well, no, actually. You'd think a reputable pollster, out of concern for his own credibility and that of his polls, would take steps to ensure that his polling wouldn't come across as biased. But, thanks to Fox News, there's no longer a check against such shenanigans. Fox and its viewers don't care that his polls are wrong. They consistently show good news for the GOP, so they become the Fox News standard. Accuracy always takes a backseat to ideology on America's top-rated cable news network.

So, yeah, Rasmussen's a fraud. But since he's a pro-GOP fraud, he'll still get his face and product on Fox News, where he'll be accorded credibility that he, after yesterday, doesn't deserve.

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