Breitbart's Big Hollywood attacks Media Matters as "lotion boys"


In a November 2 blog post about controversial remarks made by Bill Maher, Andrew Breitbart's Big Hollywood site wrote:

We're not sure anyone but Bill Maher could get away with telling these truths without losing their job due to a Soros-funded jihad launched by those blacklisters over at Media Matters. That's what they did to Juan Williams, and we are curious as to why Eric Boehlert and the rest of his lotion boys have been so quiet over this.

Not to mention CAIR.

And what about Jon -- meet my fatwa-loving pal Cat Stevens but can't we all just get along -- Stewart?

We don't want to encourage any attacks on Maher, but consider this Exhibit 11,412 in the open and shut case proving their stunning but always predictable lack of principle.


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