After Social Security cut comments, Trump turns to Breitbart reporter who said he’d consider serving as his next communications director

Prior to serving as clean-up man for Trump’s disastrous comments that he would cut Social Security and Medicare benefits, Breitbart Washington Bureau Chief Matt Boyle said he would consider serving as White House communications director in a hypothetical second Trump term. 

During an interview with CNBC on March 11, Trump suggested that the country could bring down spending by cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits. 

“There is a lot you can do in terms of entitlements, in terms of cutting, and in terms of also the theft and the bad management of entitlements,” Trump told CNBC. 

Following his comments, Trump turned to Breitbart and Boyle to help with damage control. Boyle published an interview with Trump where he pledged to “never touch Social Security or Medicare.”

Several Trump-aligned figures and accounts are touting Breitbart’s story to cover for Trump’s gaffe.  

Boyle covering for Trump comes after he said he would be interested in being the former president’s next communications director if he wins another term in November. Boyle made that comment during an interview with podcaster and former Trump strategist Steve Bannon. 

“Are you trying to be the comms director of the Trump White House?” Bannon asked.

“Look, if President Trump ever asked me to do that I would definitely consider it,” Boyle responded.

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Citation From the February 22, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

Boyle also said he would be “open” to roles in Trump’s White House during a January interview with Bannon. 

“I would do anything I could to help the cause,” Boyle said.

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Citation From the January 11, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

According to Bannon, Trump has heaped praise on Boyle and his reporting. 

“You’re the single best reporter covering President Trump and this is what he tells me all the time,” Bannon told Boyle during an interview.

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Citation From the January 29, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

Boyle has not been coy about his support for Trump, telling Bannon during a March 14 interview that a vote for Trump will solve America’s problems.

“It’s the immigration stuff, it’s the inflation stuff, every bit of your life is worse off now because Joe Biden is the president, because the Democrats are in power” Boyle told Bannon. “And it’s really simple how to change it, right? Like, all you have to do is vote for Trump.”

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Citation From the March 14, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room