BigJ calls Emanuel a "rat ... leaving a sinking ship"


In a September 29 blog post about the rumors White House chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel is considering leaving his post to run for mayor of Chicago, the website referred to Emanuel as a "rat" who is "leaving a sinking ship":

Morning Thread: Another 'Rat, Rahm Emanuel, Leaving Sinking Ship?

Rahm "the Ballerina" Emanuel may announce that he's abandoning the foundering hulk of the S.S. Obama Administration to go back to the criminal racket known as Chicago Democratic politics.


By sheer coincidence, Emanuel's partner in the Obama brain trust, David Axelrod, recently announced that he, too, is returning to Chicago.

Considering Obama's poll numbers -- as well as those of Axelrod's warmup act, Mass. Gov. "Cadillac" Deval Patrick...

... maybe it's no wonder.

Big Journalism
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