Is Fox trying to "paint" O'Donnell "as a loon"?

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Fox News is outraged about the photo some media outlets are using in their reports about Delaware's Republican Senate nominee, Christine O'Donnell. On America Live this afternoon, anchor Megyn Kelly raged, "look at this, this is just an example of the picture some in the media, including the Washington Post, have chosen to use when running stories about Christine O'Donnell." While she spoke, Fox News aired the following image:

Fox image

She then asked conservative radio host Lars Larson, "Is that an accident, that that was the photo they chose?" Larson, of course, answered "not at all," claiming that the photo indicates that the media are "trying to paint her as a loon" and are "trying to pick particularly unattractive photos of her, and maybe even photos that suggest something a little bit dirty."

I don't know why the Post decided to use that photo to punctuate their O'Donnell reporting. I also don't know why Fox Nation decided to use this image with their own coverage:

Fox Nation image

Yes, it appears to be a photo taken at the same instant from a slightly different angle. If Megyn Kelly wants to start impugning the motives of media based on their photo selections, perhaps she should have a conversation with her co-workers first.

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