Caddell and Schoen: the "Democratic" farce continues

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Y'know the shtick, the two Obama-haters lash out at the president and the Left in the pages of the WSJ but do so under the guise of being "Democrats" so readers are supposed to take their cheap shots to heart because it really, really pains Caddell and Schoen to write these nasty things about Obama. Just like it really, really pains them to go on Fox News and trash Obama.

Today's effort by the duo is particularly rancid: Obama constantly divides America by playing the race card.

I'll let TNR's Jonathan Chait and Time's Joe Klein do the honors in terms of dismantling Caddell/Schoen's lazy fearmongering:

From Chait:

Okay, so we have three pieces of evidence here to support the claim that Obama is deliberately dividing people by race. First, when asked at a a press conference about the arrest of Skip Gates, Obama opined that the police made a mistake. (They do not mention Obama's subsequent, very high profile and successful effort to reconcile Gates and the arresting officer.) Second, Obama wants to seal the border with Mexico only as part of a comprehensive immigration reform plan, in keeping with the beliefs of most immigration experts that the two things can only work in conjunction. And third, his Department of Justice -- whose decisions he does not control -- has decided to ignore the right-wing crackpot obsession with the notion that two black racists may have intimidated voters at an almost all-black polling station. (Even conservatives like Abigail Thernstrom have dismissed this issue.)

And from Klein:

One wonders why Caddell and Schoen have taken this cheesy route. One doesn't wonder too hard, however. The words "free" and "publicity" come to mind. Dick Morris has made a late-in-life living off of this sort of swill. But it's sad: I've enjoyed and learned a lot from conversations with both Caddell and Schoen. Their op-ed does far more damage to the authors than to the President.

UPDATED: The pile-on continues. From Ed Kilgore at The Democratic Strategist:

[I]f they are going to simply ape what their friends at Fox are saying, they need to stop calling themselves Democrats and trotting out their connection to the increasingly distant Democratic candidacies of the past. There's nothing principled or honorable about posing as paper donkeys representing no one but themselves.

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