The right's Journolist conspiracy theory falls apart

Blog ››› ››› OLIVER WILLIS

To listen to the conservative media, the Daily Caller has exposed the discussion listserv Journolist as some sort of hotbed of liberal message coordination. Ann Althouse said it "was designed -- apparently -- to figure out how to structure the various news stories to serve the interests of their party," Limbaugh said the emails showed "mainstream coordination with the left," and Beck saw a plot "to help Barack Obama."

This theory of secret list coordinating all manner of nefarious activities gets debunked, however, by the latest Journolist story from the Daily Caller:

Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, the founder of Journolist, quickly jumped in: "Nope, no message coordination. I'm not even sure that would be legal. This is a discussion list, though, and I want it to retain that character," he wrote.

So, here is list founder Ezra Klein, in about as explicit terms as you can get, telling the participants on the list not to coordinate any messages. He doesn't hint at it or speak about it in a confusing manner, he says "no message coordination." It couldn't be any clearer. The conservative conspiracy about Journolist goes up in smoke, as expected.

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