Friday Fun: CNS News "reporter" schooled by Gibbs at White House briefing

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And now, some Friday fun.

For those that don't know, CNS News is a "news" service offered by "parent organization" Media Research Center. They employ a hack team of "reporters" doing their best to advance right-wing misinformation at press events all over Washington. It really is quite fun to read -- if only for its ridiculousness.

So, it was equally fun to see White House press secretary Robert Gibbs absolutely destroy CNS News "reporter" Fred Lucas at a press briefing this week. Writing about the exchange, Mediaite's Frances Martel concluded from the back-and-forth:

The lesson? Robert Gibbs won't entertain baseless questions from reporters who haven't done their homework. And when he does, he makes enough of an example out of them to keep the rest of the Press Corps on their toes.

Martel gave the following overview but the video is a must see:

CNS News' Fred Lucas was curious to hear White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' take on comments by newly-appointed health care chief Donald Berwick about "redistribution." After slamming Lucas for playing political games and talking about public comments as if they came from a "secret comment book" that he had mysteriously acquired, Gibbs caught Lucas attributing comments to Berwick by Republican Congressman Paul Ryan.


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